School Air Mauss Parachutisme (approved youth and sport) is a company specialized in skydiving and parachuting training for companies and individuals, in France and abroad.

Bernard MAUSSIRE (head of the company, professional skydiver,

skydiving state certificate and ex-member of the France team) already performed 18 000 jumps and has been teaching skydiving for over 30 years.

Our team, composed of the best technicians, can organize skydiving sessions with jumps from an airplane or a helicopter, in tandem (beginners) or skydiving trainings on the sites of your choice.

  • Experienced and qualified instructors
  • State certificate and professional skydivers
  • Exceptional skydiving places and recurring offers

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  • Air Mauss decided to settle on the legendary Saint-Tropez peninsula. This exceptional site is a perfect spot for skydiving, between the Maures Massif and the Mediterranean Sea. Experience rushes of adrenaline combined with breathtaking landscapes.

    The skydiving center, in partnership with the Golfe international airport of Saint-Tropez, is situated within 1 hour from Toulon and Nice, and 1h30 from Marseille

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  • Air Mauss Parachutisme chose Montalivet for its breathtaking landscapes.

    Montalivet is a seaside town of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, situated on the Atlantic coast, between the Landes forest, the ocean and the Gironde estuary. 
    Experience a takeoff from the seashore while contemplating the Medoc scenery extending from Soulac to Lacanau.

    The skydiving center is ideally situated within 45 minutes from Royan and 1h15 from Bordeaux.

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  • Courchevel is famous for being the most prestigious ski station in the heart of the Alps, in Savoie. Situated on the 3 Valleys area, it offers unique ski runs.

    Air Mauss offers you to fly over amazing alpine landscapes and to experience a thrilling adventure.

    The skydiving center is situated within 1h30 from Chambery, 2h from Genève, and 2h30 from Lyon.

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  • Works committee
  • Groups

Air Mauss Parachutisme offers preferential tariffs for your tandem skydiving on 3 exceptional places: Courchevel, Montalivet and Saint-Tropez. 

An exceptional occasion for your employees and teams to live a unique experience in ideal conditions.

Air Mauss Parachutisme, your thrilling sensations partner! 

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Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, bachelorette party, Valentine's Day, Christmas ...
Think of our good gifts and offer a dose of thrills!

Dare to a first time skydiving, you will discover the unique sensations of the free fall and the piloting of the parachute wing with a single desire: to start again!
To mix adrenaline and safety, choose a skydiving expert.
Air Mauss Parachutisme offers jumps in tandem for 30 years, the ideal opportunity to discover the sensations of parachuting.

FROM 200 €

  • Following a ten minutes long initial training
  • 1 tandem skyding hooked to a monitor
  • Buy your skydiving online

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