Since the creation of the skydiving activity in 1980, no fatal accidents were recorded for tandem skydiving with an instructor or during a skydiving training.

The level of excellence required in France to be an instructor is the highest in the world which explains such a positive result.

Practising skydiving with Air Mauss is consequently less dangerous than most thrilling activities such as skiing or river rafting.

A professional and safe equipment

Our latest equipment is extremely advanced. All our parachutes have safety systems which automatically activate the opening of the parachute when they go below a certain altitude (compulsory in France).

All of our parachutes also have a second canopy. Our instructors revise and regularly maintain the equipment, which is compulsory regarding their status of experienced instructor.

Training before jumping

You will follow a ten minutes training with your instructor before jumping. The purpose of this training is to explain the right gestures you will have to perform during your departure, but also during the jump and the landing. In order to land softly, you will have for example to raise your legs and let your instructor put his feet on the ground.

It is only once you remember these gestures that you will be ready for your jump.

We ask you to stay focus on our recommendations and advices during this special day. Even though our instructors will be with you during your jump, they will need your help by doing the right gestures at the right moment.

Adapt your clothing to skydiving

There are several precautions to take into account if you want your jump in Bordeaux, Saint-Tropez or Courchevel to be performed under the best possible conditions. Long hair must be tied, sensitive ears must have earplugs and people with glasses must consider wearing contact lenses. You must also take into account that the temperature at 4000m in altitude is completely different. We advise you to wear clothes warm enough to enjoy your skydiving session without being bothered by the cold.