Your works committee wants its employees and teams to live an extraordinary adventure? Air Mauss Parachutisme offers you this opportunity.


An offer created for works committees

To unite and gather together your teams, take advantage of our special offer on tandem skydiving for your works committees above exceptional locations such as Courchevel, Montalivet or Saint-Tropez.

The benefits of company events are many for a company: they improve motivation and the work environment of your teams for they shared a unique experience such as skydiving. Such thing brings together people.

Consequently, this experience creates a virtuous circle: employees really feel like they belong to a group, they work better together and it improves their productivity at work.

A recognised experience

Take advantage, as many companies did before, of our skydiving school competencies (approved Youth and Sports) specialized in the organization of skydiving sessions for companies. You can jump with certified and qualified instructors who are accustomed to skydiving for many years. They will ensure an optimal safety during your free fall and your landing.