Skydiving up to 4000m in altitude at more than 200km/h is not a common activity that you can practice every day. This is why you will have to follow an initial training given by our certified and qualified instructors.


A necessary training

Your training aims to teach you the right gestures to adopt during your free fall but also during your landing. Once you remember these gestures, you will be ready to go and jump.

During this moment of your training day, we ask you to be focus and to listen to our advices and instructions. Although our instructors will be with you during your tandem jump, they will need your help and that is why you will have to reproduce the exact gestures you learnt earlier.


We want you to enjoy your jump

Your free fall will last approximatively 50 seconds. The descent by parachute will last between 5 and 8 minutes.

Consequently, your training is essential and that is why incorrect gestures must be banished so your jump takes place in the right way.


Recognized instructors

Our instructors will give you all the safety elements you need to know, the different gestures you will have to adopt during your free fall, when you jump out of the plane and when you will land. In order to land softly, you will have to raise your legs so your instructor will be the one to put his feet on the ground.

Your safety will be ensured by a qualified instructor who will take care of your stability during your free fall, will open the parachute and will give you the parachute’s controls for a while before taking them back to ensure your landing.

Tandem skydiving is a perfect experience for a first time skydiving for it will allow you to fully enjoy exceptional moments.