Experience rushes of adrenalin between the Maures Massif and the Mediterranean Sea.

October - November

Would you like to try skydiving in the Var?

In partnership with the Golfe international airport of Saint-Tropez at Môle. Air Mauss is offering their services to make you discover skydiving above the Saint-Tropez peninsula.

Skydiving will not only make you discover new and unique sensations, it is also a spiritual journey from which you can discover and push back your limits by overcoming your apprehension and your stress.

For your skydiving session in the Var, our certified instructors will provide you, in addition to their major experience, with the latest skydiving equipment to fully ensure your safety during your entire jump.

We will take off to discover the amazing landscapes of Provences-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, from the Maures Massif to the Mediterranean Sea. You will enjoy your entire free fall and admire the magnificent view.

Do you want to offer an exceptional gift for a bachelor party or a bachelorette party for your soon-to-be married friends? Think about skydiving at Saint Tropez. We have personalized and printable gift vouchers for every special occasion!

The skydiving center is ideally situated within 1h from Nice and Toulon and 1h30 from Marseille.

Discover the available skydiving sessions periods


Every day from the 21st of October to the 5th of November

Skydiving step

Before embarking on the plane that will take you between 3 and 4,000 meters of altitude, you will follow a training of ten minutes allowing you to familiarize yourself with the position in free fall.

Secured to our expert instructor, you will be guided to enjoy the 40 seconds of free fall at over 200 km / h.

Attention the eyes, strong sensations assured!

You will then enjoy 5 minutes of pure pleasure, during the descent under sail, before landing smoothly.

After this baptism of parachuting, only one thing will come to mind: to renew as soon as possible the experience in order to relive these unparalleled sensations!

About tandem

  • Ground Technical Training
  • Passenger Equipment
  • 20 minutes of climbing
  • Approximately 40 seconds of free fall
  • 5 minutes of flying under sail
  • Landing
  • Your video jump (optional on site)
  • Maximum weight: 95 kg
  • From 15 years

Practical information

Here is some practical information for jumping in tandem under the best conditions.

• Eyeglasses or lenses can be worn: glasses or glasses provided by Air Mauss.
• Approximately 1 hour on the spot between the reception and the landing.
• Medical certificate advised but not compulsory.
• Plan the day available if weather conditions.

Your imperatives: no alcohol in the 5 hours before the jump, no diving in the last 24h. Do not get fasting, nor the belly too full.

12/5000 Our advices : Please bring suitable clothes for the activity and the season, sport clothes or jean. Middle season jacket. Thin gloves. Closed shoes without hooks. No heels.

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Reminder, important information:

  • Non-compulsory medical certificate
  • From 15 years
  • Parental authorization for minors
  • Weight 95kg maximum

Packages available:

Total cost :

360,00 € tax incl.

-40,00 €

320,00 € tax incl.